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Seeing what you write come to life....

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

It has been one of my greatest pleasures in life to see something I helped to write come to life. Desires and Delusions, set in around 1810 started as an idea fleshed out in a family home and has led to a dizzying journey into the world of independent filmmaking. Working with a very small team of cast and crew, with everyone multi-tasking left, right and centre has been a brilliant experience so far, with one day of filming to go. It certainly is tiring though but the effort will be worth it I hope.

I really do need to crack on and finish the website for my production company. Thank goodness for Wix. I learned to work on websites back in the days when we had to write the HTML code. I'm so glad that there's lots of brainy people out there that can do all the hard work!

I also would love to see some of the children's poetry I wrote come to life through animation. Definitely need to stop procrastinating but then I hear that poetry is out of favour. What a shame. Samuel Peeps here, has been waiting far too long to be seen. He's getting a little fed up being kept on a hard drive!

Samuel Peeps in contemplative mood!

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