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Let them eat cake!

Marie Antoinette, Queen of France during the French Revolution is supposed to have said this, although historians believe the whole thing is made up and in any case the "cake" referred to was actually brioche. These particular cakes on set were definitely not there to be eaten and our small cast and crew were only tempted one day when they had to wait a while for lunch. How amazing it must be to have a catering department like the big productions! That would have been a tad over the top for us and we were happy to try the food at Exbury Gardens in Hampshire. They have quite a big selection on offer and a dedicated vegan café too so everyone seems satisfied. The Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath was also very accommodating and they didn't get mad with us when we set off the fire alarm with our haze machine. I am definitely planning on another trip there, but a leisurely one this time so I can keep all the sandwiches to myself!

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