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It's a wrap except for wrapping a cravat!

Well, it is a wrap apart from a tiny scene showing our male character having his cravat wrapped around his neck. There's a definite art to it and our character, who is rather wealthy would definitely not have done it himself.

What a privilege it was to complete our film, Desires and Delusions in the iconic city of Bath in Somerset, UK. We could not have found a better room to serve as a parlour than the Ralph Allen suite in the Royal Crescent Hotel, situated as you might imagine on the Bath's iconic Royal Crescent completed in 1775. Ralph Allen, by the way made his fortune in Bath in the 1700s but was considered a "warm-hearted" philanthropist. The room named after him has those magnificent floor to ceiling Georgian windows and a lilac and pink colour scheme that spookily matched our character's own taste in clothing and could not have been more perfect. It was meant to be. The large, ornate mirror was thankfully not in a position to cause us too many filming issues. It's not so easy for a small production to have big, heavy items moved around.

The suite even had a side room, with a beautiful original desk that was just what we needed for an office scene. All I can say is, it's not that easy sealing letters with hot wax but it does look cool on camera.

Besides from the small cravat scene, we are ready to move to post-production. It will all be in the editing now. Time to let those who know best to proceed with that and then we shall unleash Desires and Delusions!. Meanwhile, I shall spend the autumn resting, reading and writing in no particular order....

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